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UPTU BTech Branch Change in 2nd Year (3rd Semester) 2014-2015 Status Notification

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UTTAR PRADESH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (UPTU) releases the notification for status of application of B.Tech Branch Change request in 2nd Year (3rd Semester). Students can check their branch change request status from the below given pdf released by the university.

UPTU releases the list in pdf form of accepted or rejected Branch change requests. For rejected applications university also mention the reason of rejection rule.

For BTech First Year students its worth to mention here that "UPTU ALLOWS BRANCH CHANGE UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS". You can get more information about this from your college Administration Department.

The Rule of B.Tech Branch Change is mentioned in the University Ordinance for B.Tech course approved by Academic Council on 6th November 2004 and by Executive Council on 9th November 2004. Its mentioned as follows:

6. Change of Branch :

6.1 Change of branch may be allowed against the vacant seats in the following two stages, provided criteria at following sub clauses is satisfied:
(i) In first year, after the last date of admission to the B.Tech. Ist semester, on the basis of merit of entrance examination on vacant seat subject to clause 6.2.
(ii) In the second year, on the basis of merit at the B.Tech. first year examination for those who are pass without any carry over paper.

6.2 After change of branch, number of students in branch(s) shall neither increase over the intake approved by A.I.C.T.E. nor it will decrease below 75% of intake
approved by A.I.C.T.E..

6.3 Change of branch facility is not applicable to following:-
(i) Candidates admitted in B.Tech. Agricultural Engineering course.
(ii) Candidates admitted in second year of B.Tech. courses as per clauses 2.2.

6.4 The change of branch if allowed will become effective from B.Tech. IIIrd semester.

6.5 Further change of branch shall not be permitted.



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