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Cortana for Android is now available to download for Android platform App apk

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 One of the amazing App, Cortana - A Digital Voice Assistant App for Windows Phone platform is officially ported for Android platform. Cortana App is now available in android App. Android users can now download the Cortana App from direct link given below. Cortana is product of Microsoft which was released only for Windows mobile phones but now its officially released for the Android platform.

Microsoft has introduces a digital voice assistant for Windows Mobile call Cortana. Cortana is type of app which help the user for easy search and drive the mobile easily. Users can easily search both online and offline content on their mobile with the help of Cortana app.

Cortana is a very interesting app which has focus on digital user interaction. Cortana has a very unique digital voice assistant which interact with user to help in their search result. Cortana has a very sweet girl voice. It also tells about herself like who is she? who is her father? etc.

Microsoft has planned to release the beta version in the August but a Chinese beta tester has leaked the app online before the date of release. So, direct download link is now available to download the app which is given below.

Download the Cortana App from here : Click Here (DIRECT LINK)
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